Brigii's dream

Is to design "an ideal cleaning appliances "

Make cleaning easier, smarter and more efficient

Everyone gets a new cleaning experience.

To this end,

Brigii started from a handheld vacuum

Challenge the performance limits of high-speed micromotors

Design the most efficient air duct system.


Hundreds of attempts,failures and progress

All we wanna do is

To create a perfect handheld vacuum with an excellent performance.


For pursuing the best product,
We won't give up without a fight

Never be beaten down by difficulties

Failed, then try harder

No mess is big.

As an innovative technology brand,Brigii is specializes in the research and development of household cleaning appliances that help people to create a healthy living space. Our product design is always pursues the best cleaning experience to make cleaning easier, smarter and more efficient. Currently,Brigii has launched a series of handheld vacuum which are popular between customers for their unique industrial design and practical function.


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