General Warranty Terms

All customers who have purchased Brigii products will enjoy 1 year comprehensive warranty service.

For Brigii Family Members

Customers who join our Brigii family and register the product will receive an additional year of extended warranty on the console (excluding accessories).

Warranty Period

The warranty period is effective from the date of purchase or the date of delivery (if the date of delivery is slightly later than the date of purchase). Please keep your purchase invoice and related vouchers as an important basis for warranty service.

Warranty Condition

After Brigii's inspection, your product is determined to be malfunctioning due to poor materials, workmanship or function. Brigii will provide a new replacement, free repair or replacement of parts.

Warranty Exemptions and Notes

Under the following circumstances, Brigii will not be able to provide free warranty service for your machine during the warranty period:

  1. Warranty excludes damage attributable to negligence,misuse and abuse
  2. Normal wear and tear (such as filter)
  3. Obstruction——For cleaning methods, please refer to the user guide
  4. Failure or damage caused by using Brigii products for any other abnormal purpose
  5. Damage or malfunction caused by the use of non-Brigii original accessories, or repair or modification by non-Brigii or its authorized repair center
  6. Installation error