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Kitchen Shears KS05

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  • 【Heavy Duty Kitchen Shear】From chopping veggies to slicing through fish, handling chicken bones, or cutting up pork, beef, or lamb, Brigii Kitchen Shears effortlessly handle it all. No need for extra knives or cutting boards.Its unique serrated design is also perfect for scaling fish, enhancing meal preparation efficiency.
  • 【Automatic Rebound, Effortless Design】The poultry shears have an external stainless steel spring that ensures automatic rebound and requires minimal force to cut ingredients, saving time and effort and improving meal preparation. Ensures you can complete any cooking task effortlessly.
  • 【Premium Blade Material】Crafted from high-quality sharp stainless steel blade material, the kitchen scissors effortlessly handles various foods, ensuring longevity and stable performance in deboning and cutting tasks.
  • 【Comfortable Non-slip Handle】The Kitchen Shear features a comfortable PP material non-slip handle, providing a comfortable grip whether you need to handle ingredients for an extended period or complete simple tasks quickly.